Wednesday, March 17, 2010

malam nie, babbling nite! yeah!!!!

nape aq stat minat blogging nie?
ntah, cam bez jek... tgk member2 letak macam2 kategory kat blog dorg

ade pasal agame...
pasal kehidupan....

n yang paling pentng bagi aq, buleih tulis panjang2 pasal ape yg aq pkir!!

nape dalam BM, bukan dalam BI? nampak educated skt kan?
err... malas aq nak brainstorm ayat2 powerdowh
asyik kene bukak kamus je... EAP da abis da...
pakai rojak je la..
erm, rojak pun bez, it tastes like chicken!

Berkenyang-lenang di Hartz Chicken kat Sunway Pyramid

Venue: Hartz Chicken, Sunway Pyramid,, LG255
Date: March 17, 2010
Organizer: Budak2 cool
Financial support: FAMA
Transport: Madi's Perdana, Taxi, Rapidkl, Metrobus, own feet
Time : After Zohor n fly from Masjid Kolej Islam Malaya, until 1830 (an hour and half duing mentakedarah time)
Participants: Zaim, Bashir, Bun, Syahir

pertama skali, Alhamdulillah...
bluurrpp!! kenyang gler kot makan kat sane
sampai nak termuntah n x terjalan da lepas makan buffet style kat sane
ayam cam kfc ade, ais krim ade, veges ade,
for just Rm16.80
(rm 21.00 act, but since it is a holiday, promotion was held up to 30% discount!)


really a stomach-filling satisfaction!
highly recommended to those with big appetite
macam Syahir(can u believe, 6 chicken parts is a single meal!)
kalah aq.. x pe, berusaha!

lepas makan,Bun pegi carik kasut outing die
POLO, RM170...perghhhh
wish to have a pair of those....
rilek2... wlupun aq x beli ape
at least i led the way to Sunway
been there several times... quite familiar with the avenues..
which also mean, i led my friends towards happiness!!



haha, yup, berlawan kad UNO sementara tggu stat kertas2 lecture untuk dimentelaah
the 3rd nite tadi main,
where a legend was born
sape? rahsia
5 kli menang kowt
with prior to my assistance
but unrecognized
no hal, at least, we roommates of 117,

Med students to be shortlisted for degree prog, tomorrow

but, i do really hope n pray for my placement in the degree
the dream that i was always wanted for
to be a med students...
Oh thee Lord, grant my prayers, have me to be one of the successor....

n to all,
HelP mE!!!!!!!!!

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